Lots of different types of Bubble Tubes

An incredible range of Bubble Tubes to suite all occasions

Our Bubble Tubes are available in sizes of 1 metre to 2 metres high and 12.5cm to 50cm in diameter, as standard.

Additionally they can be made almost any height and diameter, even running through different levels of a building.

As well as bubble tubes that change colour, we make interactive bubble tubes with controls for both the bubbles and the colour, letting you create your own ambience.

Whether it’s a reception area or waiting room, a playroom or rest area, our colourful bubble tubes make a refreshing visual treat!

The ideal interactive tool for teaching, therapy and fun

They’re not just gorgeous to look at.

Bubble tubes are also highly educational, used to teach vital life skills like understanding cause and effect, making choices, matching colours and establishing vertical visual tracking.

Playing games with bubble tubes, singly and in groups, also helps people strengthen their social skills in a fun, lively way.



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