Lots of different types of Bubble Tubes

Easy access for everyone - Mike Ayres’ bubble tubes are designed specifically to give easy access to Wheelchair users and highly dependent people. We’ve even created a comfortable bubble tube surround cushion so people can lie around it.

Passive - Wonderful for displays, interiors and relaxation spaces anywhere.

The tubes can be set to a specific colour or gently cycle through a spectrum of colours.

Easy Switch - A simple switching option, that enables you to plug any switches or a Nine Switch Keyboard directly into the Bubble Tube to select and mix the colours and control the bubbles.

Switch4 Interactive - Incredible and easy control. Use any type of switches or a Nine Switch Keyboard to select and mix colours and control the bubbles in a wide range of games and activities.

There are eight different programmes, each with different levels of function.

Use any switches plugged directly into the Bubble Tube.

Switch via a radio remote Universal Transmitter.

Use an iPad to programme and switch the Bubble Tube.

iPad Control - A brilliantly simple way to control your Bubble Tube and a wide range of other equipment with your iPad.

The Switch4 app is available from the iTunes app store.
It’s free. You do need a S4 WiFi Base Unit (available from Mike Ayres Design). Very simple functionality and clear graphics enable you to programme the Bubble Tube and the with one touch, turn your iPad into a large switch or any number of switches.

Bubble Walls - Our ultra slim Bubble Walls give you a unique and mesmerising flow of bubbles. Available in a range of sizes and with the same Easy Switch and Switch4 Interactive control as the Bubble Tubes.

Take a look at some of our Bubble Tubes


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