Lots of different sizes of Bubble Tubes

Small - Bubble Tubes up to 1metre high x 12.5cm diameter.

Standard - This very popular Bubble Tube is available in 1.0, 1.5, 1.75 and 2.0 metre heights and is 15cm diameter.

Large - Some people call this a ‘Giant Bubble Tube’, but you will understand why we don’t!

However, it is a large 20cm diameter.

Giant - This Bubble Tube is a true Giant, standing at 2.0 metres high and 30cm diameter.

It makes a wonderful display and most children can only just get their arms around it.

The incredible fact is that it uses less water than a Large Bubble Tube, and is therefore as easy to install and maintain.

Ultra-giant - We are running out of superlatives, but this Bubble Tube is a spectacular 50cm in diameter. YES, half a meter across; it’s even difficult for an adult to hug!

Like the Giant Bubble Tube, it holds deceptively little water, due to it’s unique design, created by Mike Ayres.

This Bubble Tube can be Passive or with Switch 4 Interactivity, with all the functionality of the Standard Bubble Tubes.

As big as you like - The Giant and Ultra-giant Bubble Tubes are made to order with the style and colour of base that you wish. We love a challenge, so if you want a different size or one even larger or taller, contact us and we’ll step up to the challenge.

The daddy of all bubble tubes!

Mike Ayres’ bubble tubes are the brightest and most colourful available, making them an unforgettable experience for people with a wide range of abilities.

They also give you the best level of interactivity; eight different programmes, each with additional adjustments and eight softly changing bubble colours.

We also make amazing ball bubble tubes, containing brightly coloured balls as well as bubbles… a particularly powerful therapeutic tool.

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